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Sudeep Banerjee, Orange County - Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist & Author

Sudeep Banerjee

Entrepreneur, Digital Consultant, Strategist & Author

For more than 26 years, Sudeep Banerjee, CEO of B3NET Inc., has been deeply involved as an innovator and visionary, bringing in compelling blends of creativity and technology which energizes to winning solutions for the company’s clients, partners, associates, co-workers and shareholders. Sudeep’s expertise spans from Business Strategy, Planning & Development for the web, Audience Segmentation & Opportunity scouting, Customer & Competitor Behavioral Research, Target audience driven Communications to Conversion Execution.B3NET Inc. was founded by Sudeep in 1999 here in Orange County, California. Today B3NET Inc. is Orange County, California’s # 1 digital agency. Sudeep has been helping a number of clients and business owners in developing businesses that leverages the world wide web. B3NET Inc. has now several divisions that offer targeted solutions in several verticals. The divisions are B3NET.com, B3NETmobile.com, SearchOptimal.com and B3NET Media Group.

As an entrepreneur, Sudeep is always passionate to innovate and create new products. He Co-Founded iFast Apps Inc. which is a revolutionary Mobile App for businesses. Vintelli LLC, another company he Co-founded which is an innovate business directory that offers local businesses with ranking on the major search engines. Sudeep became the seed investor, co-founder and developer of Stat Fuse, a patented web application that would predict a kids chance of getting admissions to a college. Built around a complex alogarithm StatFuse got 25,000 registered users in the first 2 months of launch. This was more than what FaceBook and YouTube achieved in their first 2 months of launch.

Sudeep believes in work hard, play hard. He is an active swimmer, golfer and loves to shoot around the hoop for relaxation.



Digital Marketing

Sudeep Banerjee, a successful entrepreneur in the field of internet marketing, information technology, web design and development has accomplished to carve a niche across the globe. His keen insight for understanding the cultural shift within the digital marketplace brings unique and compelling blend of creative and technical energy to his surroundings.

Sudeep’s profound journey began in 1989 when he stepped into the media world as trainee of Bennet, Coleman Ltd. one of the holding companies of the Times Group. He then worked in some of the greatest advertising agencies on the planet like Bates Clarion, J. Walter Thompson Group, Grey Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi and Premier Media. Sudeep worked in Creative, media and Client Services in

Starting his business in the year 1999, Sudeep started providing one-of-a-kind services to clients complying to their customized needs. Most importantly his profound knowledge on the web field has helped him deliver unmatched design and development solutions to companies across the United States. He is the brain behind the growth of thousands of small and medium scale businesses operating today. Sudeep’s brainchild, b3NET.COM has emerged as a fast growing global firm enabling a wide range of clients to grow from small to enormous business organizations.

Sudeep Banerjee, an expert in the field of web promotion, web design & development and mobile content delivery. He has helped a number of small and medium sized companies across the globe to succeed on the Internet. His insights for understanding the digital marketplace brings distinctive and compelling blend of creativity and technology for his clients. Sudeep provides unique services to his clients complying to their custom-made needs. Most importantly his profound knowledge on the field of Internet Marketing has helped him deliver unmatched design and online marketing solutions to companies across the planet. He has helped the growth of over a hundred small and medium scale businesses operating today. Sudeep’s B3NET Group of companies has emerged as a quick growing global enterprise that ranges from web development, marketing, media portals & blogs and mobile content delivery networks.

  • 1How do I create an Online Strategy to successfully promote my business?

      You need to have an overall marketing plan. In that marketing plan you need to clearly define your the goals of your Internet Marketing plan. With your internet marketing road map you deploy the necessary tools for executions or hire a competent firm that delivers you the goods.

  • 2How do I get more traffic to my website? How can you guys help me in that?

      Getting a lot of traffic does not mean that it will transcribe to sales. My Internet marketing company Search Optimal focuses on driving “targeted traffic”. And my website design company, b3net.com focuses on conversion. Everyone in our organization is focused on the conversion. Our company philosophy is “Bring in a visitor and convert him/her to a customer”. Unlike our competitors we do not focus on driving a bunch of traffic to website and walk away. We are deeply involved with you and your company to increase your sales. To scout, discover, analyze, draw the strategies, execute and then measure the results. And this is a work in process. We just work constantly to better this process.

  • 3How does my online strategy integrate with my overall business strategy?

      You need to have a good business strategy. A great product or service. You need to identify the USP of your business or product lines. You cannot just depend on just an online strategy and expect that your business will suddenly start prospering. An excellent online strategy with hard work, focus and great execution are general recipes of success.

  • 4Is it possible to get quick returns from an online promotion?

      Sometimes “yes” and at times “no”. It depends on a number of factors. The time line of your ROI (Return on Investment) would depend on your industry, competitor(s), consumers, business age, your sales force, campaign budget, current economic and political climate and finally how committed you are to move your online campaigns.

Sudeep Banerjee is a leading internet marketing consultant who has a keen insight for understanding the constantly shifting digital marketplace. He brings an unique yet compelling blend of creativity and technology which energizes to winning solutions for the clients. With over 26 years of experienc e from traditional media to interactive media, information technology and online marketing. His leadership and vision has helped organizations to move their business through the web.

Sudeep’s Forte

  • Business Strategy, Planning & Development for the web
  • Audience Segmentation & Opportunity scouting
  • Customer & Competitor Behavioral Research
  • Target audience driven Communications
  • Conversion Execution


  • Managing the B3NET Group of companies.
  • Executed projects for over 500 clients on,
    • Web Design & Development
    • E-Commerce
    • Mobile App Development & Marketing
    • Internet Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing


  • High Conversion Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Content Management System Development
  • Custom/Web Application Development
  • Mobile Apps Development & Marketing
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Search Engine Planning, Optimisation & PPC Management
  • Social Media Strategy, Planning, Building
  • E-Mail Marketing Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Social/Community Building


‘Companies Founded or Co-Founded’ by Sudeep Banerjee


The Talk Among Some Of The World's Renowned Platforms

Featured On

There remains little to wonder why Sparkah calls him as ‘one of the top 100 most influential CEOs of Orange County, California’. But it is not just Sparkah alone to believe so. His name is a repeated feature on some of the world’s renowned publication platforms like Forbes, Social Media Today, Small Business Trends, Tweak Your Biz, The Time Warner Cable, Small Biz Club among other names.

A visionary, an innovator and a thinker – Sudeep knows how to blend creativity with technology to bring you unique and cutting edge solution that can set to entice the mind of millions of viewers worldwide.

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