b3net google agency day

B3NET Inc. at Google Agency Day in Los Angeles

B3NET is a Google Agency Partner. Energetic Google team in a photo op. These guys were great. They shared a lot of knowledge with us, how we can be very effective when managing our client campaigns. Fei keeping the audience engaged at Google Agency Day in Los Angeles. She is Google’s Marketing Manager leading B2B […]

social media marketing

6 Key Social Media Marketing Strategies For A Strong Online Presence

A good marketing strategy always comes with a solid plan. Unfortunately, many still do not have a proper plan when it comes to online social media marketing. This sometimes leaves me surprised and speechless, because choosing to ignore the importance of social media presence is somewhat similar to drinking tea without sugar and yet yearning […]

landing page design

6 Landing Page Factors That Make A Client Convert

When you design a landing page, you know you need to ensure that it converts in the end. A website may have one or many landing pages and each one of them are designed to target specific audience. That is why, today I am not going to focus on what factors make up a good […]


10 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Need To Follow For Improving CTR

65% of Americans now use a smartphone. Internet accessibility from mobile devices will be maximum this year, i.e. approximately 127% (80% from smartphone devices and 47% from tablets).

Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder and President of B3NET Inc., a leading Orange County web development firm in California. His dimension of expertise lies in providing unique strategy for Internet marketing and agile mobile app development. He has helped more than 200 clients, from small startups to large Fortune 500 companies. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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